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Where did uggs come from?

The answer to this question is very simple - Australia!

Ironically, despite the brand UGG® Australia having Australia in it, the boots it produces are not from Australia. It's origins many, many years ago were certainly from Australia but these days it manufactures most of its products in China and the company itself has been purchased by Deckers Outdoor Corporation which is an American company. And whilst they have tried to get their boots in stores in Australia they have struggled against the strong local competition including:

  1. UGGS-N-RUGS® - a true, long-term Western Australian manufacturer and retailer and;

  2. JUMBO UGG BOOTS AUSTRALIA® - a long-term Victorian manufacturer and retailer.

UGGS-N-RUGS have been producing ugg boots since the 1970's and pre-date the original UGG Australia product. But there are other manufacturers who have come and gone and the general consensus is that ugg boots have been around for over 100 years.  In the late '60's they gained some fame as a boot that Australian surfers would put on after coming out of the cold waters inevitably found when the surfing conditions are at their best.

An authentic ugg boot has the sueded sheepskin leather on one side (usually the outside) and the wool of the sheepskin on the inside. They are natural, simple, comfortable and very warm.

As UGG® Australia expand their product line into more contemporary and/or traditional footwear lines, the humble ugg boot will always maintain its Australian heritage.

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