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Frequently Asked Questions


Q 1) Are you the USA ugg boot company?

A 2) No. We are merely an independent website owner who promote the USA ugg labelled product.  If you are looking for the USA company, you can visit them here.

Q 2) How do I contact you?

A 2) As orders are processed through a third-party (and not directly through us) there is no need to contact us directly.

Q 3) What do you mean by orders processed through a third-party?

A 3) Our online store is filled with "virtual stock".  We don't carry inventory.  We participate in affiliate programs which are commission-based.  We get a commission for sending you to buy through a trusted third-party.  We do this by value-adding to the buying process which includes providing more detailed product information.

Q 4) How then do I contact the party through whom I ordered?

A 4) At the time of ordering, you will receive a confirmation from the seller.  It is important that you print this confirmation out and store a copy of the confirmation email for quick access later should you have the need.  In addition, we only promote products through trusted third-parties who have an excellent online reputation.

Q 5) I've lost my confirmation.  Can you tell me who I might have ordered from?

A 5) Obviously this is difficult because we don't capture any personal information. Nor do our alliance partners provide this information to us as it is confidential between you the purchaser and the party with whom you placed your order.  However, that said, we are currently using the following alliance partners to provide us with "virtual stock". It may be prudent of you to contact each of them.  Alternatively, you could review your credit card statement which will show the transaction (but only if the order has been processed at that particular point in time... some sellers won't bill your credit card until your item has been shipped) details:


Q 6) What policies do you have?

A 6) Refer to our policies page.

Q 7) I want to purchase style xyz but you don't seem to show it.

A 7) We try only to promote styles that our alliance partners have in stock.  As you can appreciate retailers can not always stock every single size in every colour in every style.  

Q 8) Your site said that you had style xyz but when I clicked on the link it wasn't there or they were out of stock.

A 8) Unfortunately, there will always be a lead time between a sold-out item and when we realize that.  This unfortunately is exacerbated because we are not the ones selling the physical stock.  We will endeavour to update our site once we are aware of that issue but until then, you will have to accept that these things will occur.

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